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Last updated: February 2, 2008 9:34 AM

Work has finally begun on the new version of It will include an archive section featuring rare audio, video, and photos. In addition all of the old tapes have been unearthed and special CD releases are being prepared for release.
Here is a track from the upcoming CD: Snakebite - Sheer Terror / Live at The Street Car Pub 1992
My Fist Your Face (Mp3)
My Fist Yor Face (Real Audio)

JGP is also in Treehouse Studios recording a new CD.


Download JGP's lastest recording -
“Lady Liberty” recorded Nov.28th and Dec.5th at ARTI studios in Islandia. Thanks ARTI!


Jim and Doug Gregory both made special guest appearances with the classic rock band Bluezin', Saturday night (Sept. 28th) at Sgt. Pepper's in East Northport.

Thanks to Joe and Bluezin'

Album News: Songs for the upcoming Vol.2 CD have been progressing nicely with three new songs written already. Details will be released shortly.


Jim has just added a new guitar and amp to the arsenal. A Fender American Fat Strat Deluxe and an Ampeg VT-120. The guitar and amp both have awesome tone. I hope to use it live and on the upcoming 'JGP- Volume 2' CD.

120 watts of pure power!
Jim's new Ampeg VT-120


1/29/01See all Jim's Gear - Click here!




JGP has just finished recording it's latest song "Lovesick" at ARTI Studios in Islandia. The recording came out great with the help of John, Yolanda, and Wayne and of course Bill (great job on the mix). The band laid down some solid rockin' tracks with Dan doing his normal great job on vocals. We hope to have this and/or more music up on the site soon.

JGP will be adding new material to the site real soon while we work on new material for JGP Vol.2. Keep checkin' back and thanks for keeping the faith!