Jim Gregory Project History

JGP, The Jim Gregory Project, was formed in February of 1997 on Long Island, New York with Jim Gregory on guitar, Ray Ellers on bass and vocals, and Billy Fernandez on drums. Later that year, Jim asked long-time friend and musical partner Steve Culotta of Talkbox to join the band. The two had previously worked together in the now legendary band 'Snakebite'. After about six months of intense rehearsals, JGP felt it was time to add a full-time vocalist to the band. After over two months of auditions, Dan Corozza was asked to join JGP. It was at around this same time that drummer Billy "The Kid" Fernandez amicably left the band and was soon replaced by Jim's brother Brad Gregory, formerly of the heavy metal band 'Bad Omen'.
With a solid lineup now in place, JGP was ready for their first official gig at The Outer Limits in Hauppauge on August 8th, 1998. The gig was a success both critically and commercially, breaking the house attendance record. The band followed this up with a Halloween night gig that was even bigger and better.
After this gig, JGP was asked to start recording tracks at the American Recording Technology Institute in Islandia. Prior to the sessions, JGP had been primarily a cover band playing tunes from bands like Deep Purple, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Ted Nugent, and the Black Crowes. JGP started recording in December of 1998 and have, to date, compiled over 15 original songs that are on their debut album released on July 14th of 2000.
Unfortunately, after a triumphant gig at Wolfgang's in April of 1999, Brad Gregory and Ray Ellers both had to leave the band for unrelated reasons. The recording sessions continued with a variety of rhythm sections including such rock luminaries as John Valente and Kato from Talkbox, B. Arvacus, Mike Pravetz, and a special return appearance by Billy Fernandez.
JGP then entered yet another phase in December of '99 with the addition of Joey Levine on drums and Tom Dolan on bass. This line up produced both excellent studio tracks as well as powerful live performances. In April of 2000 Joey and Tommy left the band and JGP took a much needed break for a couple of months.

The JGP CD contains all 15 of the songs recorded at ARTI over a little more than a years time. The songs on the CD appear in the same order as they were recorded. This, in a way, captures a year in the life of JGP. To anyone who has a copy, I hope you enjoy it. We had a great time making it!

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